Learn More About God's Miracles


  • Many people do not believe that God exist, since they can’t see him. The truth is that God only reveals himself to those that are true believers.
  • We have been brainwashed to believe that our universe started with a Big Bang or even just a small cell. Then they try to make us believe that evolution took over and created over millions of years what we currently have.
  • The problem is that no link has been found from one species to another species. If evolution really existed, we should have discovered something that would be an intermediate step from one species to another species. Nothing has ever been found. Museums like to show us a figure called Lucy, which is theoretically an intermediate step from a monkey to a human. This is a mythical figure developed by scientist in order to promote their own belief.
  • Just looking around us, how can anyone think that earth, weather, wind, plants, animals, fish, birds, or humans could have been created from evolution from one cell? The most complex part of a human is its DNA. This spiral of molecules, atoms, & code is very complex and there is no way this was created randomly. The most complicated thing that humans have created is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is all based on coding that relies on programming based of 0’s and 1’s arranged in a string that produce a certain result. This development is so far inferior to the coding done by God to create this world and all its living things.

I could give so many examples but I will provide one more recent event. March 2016 I was laid off my job of 10.5 years. I am the main provider in my home. One week later my husband had a massive stroke. Since I was laid off and my husband obviously would not work another day there was uncertainty of how I could care for him and find another job to provide for our home as well as health insurance for our family of 4. When he was discharged from the hospital and rehab center, TIRR, 2 months later , we had day long doctor and rehab appointments and adjusting to our new life. I was laid off for 10 months to be my husbands hands and feet. As soon as he was well enough to make it a few hours without me I found a new job right as our money was running out. This was all Gods timing. I could not have planned it better. We completely felt Gods presence and still do to get us to grow through this.

Lisa B